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How to Buy Womens Leather Motorcycle JacketsBeing a woman biker can be tough sometimes due to manufacturers only catching up now to the huge demand. It’s because of this that there are literally hundreds of different designs in womens leather motorcycle jackets available. Be careful not to get too carried away as some stockists will say anything to make that sale for example they will label “Water Buffalo” jackets as quality when in fact they become stiff and hard once they’ve become wet and don’t remain soft no matter what. It’s always important to pay attention to these fine little details when making that purchase online or in the stores. Also when buying womens leather motorcycle jackets online it’s very difficult to determine if the size indicated actually fits well, sometimes it’ll be too big or small due to brands differing slightly in their size specifications.Be careful when buying from any online stores operating on eBay that sell directly from China because of two reasons: •


 Because labour is cheap in China sometimes so is the quality •    Large sizes in China like XL are mostly appropriate to locals and would only fit regular or sometimes even small sized people in western countriesIf you look back at history the main purpose of leather jackets were made to protect soldiers in war as well as keep you dry in rainy seasons. It’s only though the mainstream media like movies that womens leather motorcycle jackets were made popular. Disabled electric three-wheeled scooter Factory For instance movies like “the Matrix “made trench coats very popular. Actors like Marlon Brando made the (link here)  Perfecto leather jackets very popular and you can see tem being worn by subcultures like punks, metalheads, Goths and hard rockers. It’s also famous amongst tougher biker gangs due to the nature of the look of this jacket.History teaches us that leather jackets were also designed as safety clothing for many purposes. Having a look on eBay you’ll find many brands specializing in protective leather wear with companies like Icon Motorcycle Gear are one of the most popular in protective clothing combined with style. Perfect for women who want both fashion and safety while riding.


When it comes to safety makes sure you jacket has sufficient ventilation plus added protection which will either consist of hardened leather on the elbows and back or in some cases Kevlar plates designed into the lining of your leather jacket.While safety is pretty much standard in most womens leather jackets there’s one area where they often lack in design and that’s making adjustments to keep you warm and insulated in very cold weather. Ask any female motorcyclist in Maine and they’ll be able to testament to this plus give you a few tips. Whether you’re shopping on eBay or in a store be sure to look for heated motorbike wear similar to motorcycle heated gloves. Some of these womens leather motorcycle jackets offer the best of both worlds namely being warm in winter as well as cooling you in the summer months.